James Ashley Garner BA (Hons)
Resides: Maidstone, Kent, England

Being a graduate in Computor Generated Arts, I have developed a skill set through from 
practical methods into the digital realm and have pushed myself to become an artistic 

I have travelled the world and what I have seen and learned inspires me in my work. I have a 
thirst for visual stimulation and I enjoy starting with a blank canvas, a head full of ideas and 
creating something from nothing.

I aspire to take people places they've never been and show them beauty that captures their 

Technical Skills
Illustration     Photography     Modelling/Sculpture     Texturing     Compositing

Software Experience
Adobe Photoshop     Adobe Lightroom     Adobe After Effects     Adobe Premiere     Autodesk Maya

The New Designers Exhibition, Business Design Centre, London - July 2010
My work was featured at New Designers 2010, where UCA Rochester's 'CG Arts & Animation' stand won an award for the 'best stand'.

In the left image: (Left to right) David Keefe, Jon Stewart, Alan Postings, Phil Gomm, James Garner, Heather Young

Our stand was laid out in a pure white with blocks of colour adorning the walls, displaying pre-production work and wireframe mesh images.
Our animations were sleekly integrated into the gallery like space displayed on screens with audio via head-phones to showcase the final outcome of our work.

April 2014's Issue of 'Banzai', a Japaneses Performance Car Magazine
published one of my photographs along with a write up of John Pattison's modified Toyota Starlet Glanza V.

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